1000 – that’s how many hours a year your child spends in his beloved chair. That’s more than 41 days, almost 1.5 months. It’s worth using this time to do something good. Just like the Growee Active chair. It allows the child to enjoy playing and learning while taking care of his healthy spine. The proprietary Active Grow System stimulates muscles, ensures proper posture, and guarantees comfort.

While your little one is busy creating more stories, you take care of his spine.

The Growee Active chair was created in a single but universal size, for children from 18 months to 4 years old. The chair grows with your child
Together with the educational table, it forms a duo that your little one will love.
You’ll learn more about it a bit below.

Shapes the right posture in a child

Healthy habits are worth forming from an early age. Growee Active will help you take care of your child’s strong spine and proper posture. Developed together with a pediatric orthopedist and physiotherapists, it is comfortable and effective, and above all, it does its job wonderfully.

Growee Active Seat

An active seat created for children from 2 to 6 years old. It can be compared to sitting on a rubber ball. In terms of comfort tested by experts – kids who gave it a six plus! Covered with stylish and easy to clean material (available in two colors), equipped with AGS solution.

Active Grow System

Our proprietary solution. A system based on micro-movements that stimulate the abdominal, buttock and back muscles responsible for a healthy spine.

Equipped with 3 layers of technology – special gel cushions, appropriate hypoallergenic foams, and a dedicated design.

Simply put – when your child chalks up new plans, AGS (Active Grow System) strengthens his posture. It takes care of a solid foundation every day.

Wyposażony w 3 warstwy technologii – specjalne poduszki żelowe, odpowiednie hipoalergiczne pianki, i dedykowaną konstrukcję.

Mówiąc wprost — gdy Twoje dziecko kreśli nowe plany, AGS (Active Grow System) wzmacnia jego postawę. Codziennie dba o solidne podstawy.

Perfect Match

The Growee Chair and Educational Table is a set that shares more than a name. Fitted together, created with your child in mind. Ready to take care of his healthy spine, fun and smart education together. You already know quite a bit about the Growee Active chair, it’s time for you to learn about the Growee Learning Table. Below you will see that we have a few more surprises for you.

Growee Premium Table – made for children

Children require a special approach, they are energetic, creative and demanding. That’s why we designed our unique table – to meet their daily challenges. It is practical, durable, surprising and beautiful.

The table together with the chair makes a wonderful set for children aged 2-6 years.

Even for 4 years!

Grows with your child

Children develop quickly, and grow even faster, so we have equipped the table’s legs with our proprietary magnetic “hooves” so you can adjust the height of the table to suit your child’s position. The product is designed for children aged 2 to 6 years.

Easy to clean!

Countertop for special tasks

A double-sided tabletop that prompts and teaches. It has beautiful graphics with letters and numbers and a specially reinforced surface, resistant even to scratching and scrubbing. Very easy to keep clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it is like new.

Safe for the child and floor

Safe construction

When creating the Growee table and chair, we took care of every detail – every edge is rounded, and the legs from both the chair and the table are lined with special felt. The construction of the set is very stable, the furniture has passed quality and durability tests with unanimous success. This is a product for years to come

1. Educational gifts inside!

Treasure box

It can serve as a place to store stationery, books or beloved toys. Thanks to it, we will keep order and tidiness, and our child will remain focused on the next tasks.

Comfortable and secure!

Stable chair

Comfortable, stable, safe, wooden. The chair, with its rounded ends and strong construction, minimizes the risk of potential hazards. The wide seat, on the other hand, provides unquestionable comfort.

First of all, wood

First of all, wood

Only nature!

The set was carefully made of Polish wood. We opted for natural design for children, that is, elegant simplicity and functionality.

It is distinguished by its solid construction and durability.